Issue digital credentials

Issuing social media-optimised digital badges and certificates to verify skills, qualifications and achievements builds brand recognition and helps to generate new business. Start turning your participants into your brand promoters today.

No credit card required

More than 500 organisations trust Certify globally

Create, issue and analyse digital credentials from just one place.

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Badge & certificate designer

Take your badge and certificate creation process to the next level.

Upload your own designs or use our design tool to create beautiful digital badges and certificates.

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Easily issue digital credentials

Issuing digital credentials is easy with our bulk submission tools.

Connect Certify to your own software through our API for complete automation.

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Publish to LinkedIn

Recipients can add their credentials to their LinkedIn profile with one click.

Build your authority by placing your brand directly on your earners' LinkedIn profiles.

Sharing to other social networks is also possible with just one click.

Digital credentials for all types of organisations

Digital credentials can be issued by a variety of institutions and organisations in both the public and private sectors. Here are some examples of who can issue digital credentials:

Learning institutions

Schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions can issue digital badges to recognise academic performance, course completion, participation in training programs and other educational achievements.

Companies and Employers

Companies and employers can issue digital badges to reward employees for goals achieved, skills acquired, projects completed and significant contributions to the company.

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

NGOs can issue digital badges to recognise and encourage volunteer work, participation in social impact projects and other contributions to the community.

Online Learning Platforms

Online teaching and learning platforms can issue digital badges to reward completing courses, reaching specific skill levels, and actively participating in the learning community.

Sports Organisations

Sports federations and clubs can issue digital medals to recognize sports performance, competition wins, personal milestones achieved and dedication to sport.

Events and Conferences

Event and conference organisers can issue digital badges to attendees who successfully complete the event, demonstrate significant engagement, or give outstanding presentations.


Governments can issue digital credentials to recognise exceptional service, acts of courage, contributions to society or military service.

Gaming Platforms and Gamification

Apps and game platforms can issue digital badges as part of gamification systems to reward and incentivise participation, completion of levels or completion of specific tasks.

Powerful features to help you issue faster

Create a free account now and start issuing digital credentials in minutes using our powerful features.

Blockchain security

All credentials issued with Certify are secured using Blockchain technology.

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Design and create professional digital credentials

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Issue individually or in bulk in minutes

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Track your earners' engagement with powerful analytics

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Automate the issuing process via our API

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Easily revoke credentials that are no longer valid

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Manual or automatic credential expiration

Go digital.
Save the planet.

Try our CO2 calculator to see your organisation's potential reduction by issuing digital credentials. Go paperless.

Get started with Certify in 3 steps



Upload your own design or choose one of our pre-built templates and customise it to suit your needs.



Add dynamic and send your certificates and badges in bulk to a pool of earners.



Track recipient credentials and see how your earners are interacting with them on your dashboard.

Detailed engagement analysis

Track recipients' engagement with their credentials and see how and where they are being shared.

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Acceptance rate
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Social shares
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Page views
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What our customers say

Our user reviews speak for themselves. Join us today.

I have been using Certify for several months now and I have to say that I am extremely satisfied with the tool. One of the things I love most about Certify is how easy it is to use. The interface is clean and intuitive, making it easy to navigate and find the information I need.

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Joao Silva
Marketing Director

We're seeing an increase in course enrolments directly from the digital badges our participants are sharing on LinkedIn, saving acquisition costs.

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Andy Smith
Marketing manager

We had a significant increase in the rate of completion of internal training.

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Micaela Freitas
Quality and process

Certify is helping me manage, track and send my students their certifications, diplomas and student progress reports in a much easier and simpler way. It helped me to streamline the process and the winners really enjoyed receiving their certificates through Certify.

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Marcos Duarte

Certify is really easy to use. We shipped our first digital badges in a matter of minutes.

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Gary Jones
Assistente de marketing

We are impressed with how easily the Certify platform integrates with our online learning system. Our students love their digital credentials and the analytics Certify gives us through our dashboard quickly shows us where engagement is coming from.

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Vanessa Thiele
Program manager

The most useful thing about Certify is that it provides participants with professional looking digital credentials and they are preserved for later access. The support is incredible.

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Roberto Campos
Sales co-ordinator

Our organisation was looking all over the internet for something that could quickly, easily and accurately generate certificates to send to our participants.

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David Antunes
Executivo de associação

Automate your issuance process

By using our API, you unlock powerful features that can save time issuing digital credentials.

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Greater efficiency

Automation allows tasks to be completed quickly and accurately with minimal human intervention. This saves time and resources, allowing teams to focus their efforts on more important tasks.

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Improved quality

Automated processes help ensure accuracy while reducing errors through standardised rules and tests.

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Reduced risk

Automation reduces the risk of human error by following predetermined protocols. This helps ensure that the data is secure and up-to-date.

Start using the digital credential platform of the future