Aug 17, 2023

Canva vs. Certify: Why you should use an all-in-one digital certificate platform

Why your organisation should use Certify over Canva

Canva vs. Certify: Why you should use an all-in-one digital certificate platform

Why your organisation should use Certify over Canva, the widely used graphic design platform among marketers, to streamline your certificate creation and issuance process

Every organisation offering online courses, events, webinars, or association should create and issue certificates to acknowledge completion, say thanks for taking part or confirm an individual's membership.

While it might appear straightforward at first glance – simply crafting a design and distributing it to the appropriate recipients – the reality is more intricate. Establishing and executing a seamless and efficient certificate creation process demands several essential components.

Dynamic lists of recipients

One of the biggest reasons why you should use Certify over Canva for your certificate issuing is the time it takes you to edit each individual certificate on Canva, edit the recipient name, resave the file and then attach it to an email. This process is incredibly labour intensive and prone to errors.

With Certify, you only need to design one single certificate and apply a dynamic text field representing the recipients' names. When the certificates are sent out, each recipient's name is dynamically added to the certificate design.

Furthermore, rather than manually creating an email for each recipient and attaching their certificate, Certify does the hard work for you. Simply upload a CSV file of your recipients' names and email addresses and with one click all of your certificates are emailed.

Benefits for recipients

Every recipient you send a digital certificate to gets given their own dedicated space to store their certificate and any future certificates they receive. From their certificate page they can:

Benefits for issuers

Aside from the aforementioned benefits to issuers regarding time and cost savings of manually issuing certificates, issuers are also able to take advantage of a number of features that Canva simply does not offer:

  • Detailed engagement analytics of each certificate. See who opened it, where is was shared and how many clicks it generated back to your website
  • Secure digital certificates cannot be altered and so are 100% fully verifiable
  • Issuing digital certificates contributes towards your organisation's Corporate Sustainability Responsibilities. Manually created and sending a physical certificate generates 0,015kg of CO2. Calculate your CO2 reduction by issuing digital certificates here.


There are a few similarities between Canva and Certify. Both platforms offer beautiful certificate templates that are easy to edit.

However, Canva does not offer any capabilities beyond that initial creation.

Certify offers:

  • upload of your own designs (from Canva if you wish) or design your own using Certify's design tool
  • automated data addition to each certificate
  • certificate export to PDF
  • sending certificates in bulk to multiple recipients using CSV upload

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